What My Future Children Will Learn When Growing Up

The world today has largely ameliorated from the rather narrow-minded society back then in which many preconceived notions and stereotypes have been debunked and topics our seniors tend to shy away from have also been publicly discussed hence normalised. One attribute distinguishing the youngsters from the elderly in which I am most proud of myself as part of the younger generation, would be our level of acceptance for a plethora of subject matters. As one born amidst the era of modern civilization, here are multiple things my future children will learn whilst growing up. 

Any Sexual Orientation Is Bound To Be Accepted

Despite the majority’s heterosexuality, there are no rules governing what sexuality one should hold though being born a specific gender. To put this into perspective, one might be born a female but possess little to no sexual desire for her opposite sex. My future children will not fail to learn that their biological sex is not the sole dictation of their uttermost genuine feelings. Rather than perceiving it as a peculiar feeling to be fond of someone with a similar gender, they are encouraged to pursue what their heart and minds desire, even if it means to utilise sex toys for self-pleasure. Here is how you can 得到性玩具.

Mental Health Is Just As Significant 

My future children will also learn that their mental health is another paramount aspect of their lives apart from their physical wellbeing. Mental health was highly disregarded back then being claimed by the public as “not a real problem” and that patients should “suck it up and move on”. That is fairly misleading. Rather than having them suppress their thoughts and expressions, I will strive to nurture a safe place where they feel adequately comfortable to utter their deepest feelings. 

Academic Achievement Does Not Amount To Self-Worth

Many students weigh their personal worth based on their academic achievement where oftentimes their parents are to be blamed for. Many parents today prioritise their children’s education more than their wellbeing. Though education is very much significant, it never surpasses students’ mental and physical wellbeing. The more they are pressured into doing things, the more they will experience withdrawal. My future children will be provided a platform where they hold their very autonomy to explore all goodness the world holds, and eventually pick the path they are most fond of. Additionally, they will also learn that every failure they face in their education path does not indicate who they truly are as a person. One may be struggling in their academics, but that does not make them any less worthy. 

Bottom Line

Here are merely a few things my future children will never fail to acquire on their journey growing up.