fabrication with machining in Malaysia

A fabrication machine is a machine that allows us to build machines from raw materials. Some of the processes include cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming, and assembling to create the final products. The fabrication technology is important in the sectors of engineering and manufacturing. That is why we have fabrication with machining in Malaysia because it is an important process in multiple sectors and final products. 

fabrication with machining in Malaysia

Not only it is important but there are different types of fabrication machines and the purpose of the machines. 

The first type of fabrication metal are, waterjets and this is the most common and cost-efficient fabrication machine compare to the others. Just like its name this machine used the high and strong pressure of water to cut raw materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, copper. This is also considered to be the safest fabrication machine because it almost requires no heat to handle this machine. 

Next is, press brake and it is one of the sturdiest and strongest fabrication machines. This machine is used to bend raw materials like steel, aluminum, sheet metal, and brass. This fabrication machine can be found in 4 types which are hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic, and servo-electric. This machine is commonly used in a heavy sector that used heavy and thick raw materials. 

The other type of fabrication machine is a laser cutting system. In the world of fabrication machines, this is considered one of the advanced technology because it can be used for multiple operations like cutting, welding, marking, and surface treatment for raw materials. Most of the sectors that use this machine are sectors that need a precise and detailed cutting part. 

Other than that, we also have a plasma system which is a commonly used machine to cut the raw materials. To use this machine the material must be electrically conductive and some of the examples of these materials are aluminum, brass, copper, and steel. To operate this machine it requires a hot and electrical gas which is plasma to cut the material. This machine can be found in many industries and factories because it is easy to handle and the final products will have a precise cut and it is also really affordable operation compared to other fabrication machines.

The last type of fabrication machine is shears. This machine only does one thing and that is cutting raw materials like metal and sometimes it can be used to cut materials like wood, paper, and plastics. That is why this is the cheapest and simple-to-be-handle type of fabrication machine. Despite it is only being used to cut metal, this machine is capable to cut the thickest metal.

These are the types of fabrication machines that existed in the fabrication technology, and they have many purposes for the industries. Some of the industries that used the fabrication machines are shipbuilding, oil pipeline construction, automobile industry, bridges industries, and also the aerospace industry. 

That is why fabrication technology is important in the country’s development because it can affect the economic development of the country. …