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Certified Bio-Degradable

Kleenso products are bio-degradable consistent with our mission to enhance humanity through healthy, quality, environmental friendly solutions.

While there may be many products in the market which claim to be bio-degradable, this claim is often staked based on a singular ingredient that is bio-degradable. However, any cleaning solution or product is made up of more than one ingredient and the real bio-degradability test lies in whether the soiled residue that is being disposed after cleaning is bio-degradable. This, for many “bio-degradable” products in the market remains a huge question mark.

Kleenso Bio-degradable All-Purpose Cleaner has been certified to be bio-degradable by Acumen Scientific Sdn Bhd in an analysis that involved the soiled residue being fully degraded within 21 days after disposal, leaving no harmful residue that would taint and harm the eco system.

While many businesses merely claim their products to be bio-degradable, we make sure our Kleenso products are tested and proven to stand up to any claims. It’s our way of saying,

We truly care for you, your loved ones and the eco system we live in.

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