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Anti-Bacterial Properties

    When it comes to issues and subject matters like cleanliness and hygiene we at Kleenso Resources are serious in our commitment to create
    a cleaner and healthier environment.

    We mean business.

    That is why we commit ourselves to the responsibility of producing quality products that deliver the best results not only for the task at hand
    but also in protecting your family and the eco system we live in. In 2012, we were honoured and delighted to have our Kleenso range of
    products tested, certified and proven to be anti-bacterial by Mizulab Sdn Bhd, a Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM) accredited
    laboratory facility. This certification extends to 5 Kleenso products namely, Stain Remover, Oil & Grease Remover, Floor Cleaner, All-Purpose
    Cleaner and Glass Cleaner.


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