August 5, 2021

Frozen food delivery Malaysia

Frozen food is certainly not a new concept. Frozen food delivery Malaysia maybe still something we are getting used to as homebound consumers, but the concept has been with us since the very beginning of time. 

Frozen food existed in climates that were freezing cold. However, tropical countries like Malaysia had to wait for the invention of frozen food combined with refrigerators to enjoy it the way we do today. It was invented in the early ’90s, around 1924 by Clarence Birdseye. Even before Birdseye discovered the typical quick-freezing method that we know and love today, food was frozen in various methods. Unfortunately, these methods were not only harmful to human beings but also took away the taste and texture of the food. Since birdseye invention, technological advancement has perfected the frozen foods world.  

It took a while as people warmed up to the idea of eating frozen food. Months long food in our fridges were not always appealing. The popularity of frozen food grew so big in households, such that we even celebrate a frozen foods month. March is the official month of frozen food. 

We can hardly blame the world for loving frozen food. It was not only convenient but it also brought on affordability for families who could not afford the fresh delicacies. Frozen sausages and pizzas were a lot cheaper and convenient to buy than stacks of beef and chicken for our dinner. It was also a lot easier to buy bags of frozen peas, chickpeas, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries to get our daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. 

Frozen food delivery Malaysia

When the world announced a global pandemic and consumers became homebound, frozen food became an even bigger savior. The surge in frozen food was seen all over the world as people stacked them up in their homes and prepared for daily survival. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of us have bought frozen food that we never would have imagined buying before. From frozen shrimp to scallops, we get them all to have a nice meal in the comfort of our home. As we have gotten a lot more time on our hands, many who are kitchen-bound during the pandemic took their time to experiment with the online frozen food sections. 

People might have predicted otherwise because more and more people were homebound. As we spent a lot more time cooking and bonding with our family, it was predicted that we will create more family meals and explore our culinary creativity. Large retailers, manufacturers, and food giants took the opportunity to expand their frozen aisle section to accommodate the growing interest in homemade meals. These homemade meals were now made with the power of frozen items like tuna, chicken, edamame, beans, and the list goes on. The meals were not only just savory dishes but also sweet desserts. People took on the power of frozen fruits to put a little extra kick to their dessert and elevate them. 

With the pandemic expanding our reliance on convenient methods of online shopping it was only expected of us to rely on the convenience of frozen foods. …