June 2021

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Introducing the elderly to technological concepts may prove to be trying. Not only are they accustomed to certain practices, but some devices or instruments neglect to address the language barrier in many of their operations. While the instructions may be provided in English, Malay and Chinese Mandarin the tools themselves are navigated in one language alone and thus neglects a large portion of society.

Computer technology is becoming an essential in many homes in Malaysia and backup solutions Malaysia provides an answer to some of today’s most problematic questions on data storage and security, but it is an exclusive concept that not many are able to tap into because the distribution of information is monolingual and targets a single age bracket. Data security is a worthwhile investment for all, and the age bracket using advanced technology such as smartphones and laptops is larger than ever. Therefore, offering services to assist the elderly in understanding their software and hardware can be beneficial to them and to their families. 

Information Technology (IT) is ever-evolving, and even the everyday youth has trouble keeping up with its fast pace. However, the elderly are more likely to be left behind as the youths are able to catch on faster to the beneficial IT trends for their computers and smartphones. While one may suggest that the elderly have no use for technology because of their age, one may also argue that they require technology more than the youth do. Services are becoming more technology-based. Health facilities in some countries utilise scanning machinery. Their equipment is also becoming more advanced with time. Wheelchairs are battery-operated and some are computerised to provide the best comfort and personal wants and needs for their users. Simple tasks that used to be interactive (such as shopping and fuelling a vehicle at car service stations) are becoming self-operated. Furthermore, with communication channels having moved from letter-writing to application-based channels, teaching the elderly to be IT literate also keeps them in contact with family, friends, health advisors and other relevant parties. IT is also being incorporated in security technology, in house alarm systems and car-tracking operations. It is in much of the daily routine that we are not always aware of. 

The elderly deserve agency, therefore teaching them essential IT skills does not only protect them and their devices, it also makes them more self-reliant in protecting their own finances, their health and personal details. Attempting to bridge the technological gap between the elderly and the young is a hefty feat, especially as new concepts, applications and devices are constantly produced and fed into a market that idealises hyper-consumption. However, it is essential to ensure that, while the world moves forward, it does not leave behind those who attempt to remain in contact with it. …

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Nursing contributes to protecting and improving the health, safety and well-being of the population, preventing disease and its consequences, and promoting the sustainability of the health system. Nurses are experts in providing care to meet the health needs of individuals, families and social groups at different stages of the life cycle and in situations derived from health problems, identifying their capacities and establishing helping methods to compensate for their limitations, guide, support, teach and promote an environment conducive to their development.

best diploma of accountancy studies

The nursing profession is in charge of directing, evaluating and providing nursing care aimed at promoting, maintaining, and recovering health, as well as preventing diseases and disabilities. The Degree in Nursing allows access to master’s and doctoral studies and to various specialities, through the EIR route (resident internal nursing). It has regulated and recognized training within the Widad educational systems. In the field of care, your training will enable you to exercise responsibly in nursing at the levels of primary, specialized and social health care.

Master › Nursing

A Master is a program that many students obtain when they have ambitious career goals in mind. Students with the best diploma of accountancy studies will acquire the skills they need to fill specialized roles in their desired field. You can obtain a Master’s degree by enrolling in a program after having received your Bachelor’s degree. After obtaining your Master, you can enrol in a PhD program.

What is a Master in Nursing? 

This program allows you to achieve extraordinary career goals. Nurses can gain skills to work in specialized fields of study. They can also help in neurological centers, operating rooms, mental health centers and other important institutions. Nurses can focus on a particular area rather than simply working where they are needed. Many nurses work in advanced clinical research and training after obtaining their degree.


There are many benefits to earning a Master of Nursing. One of the benefits is the ability to work in specialized settings. If you want to work in a specific type of medical institution, your advanced degree will help you reach your goal. Another benefit is the high salary. Nurses with advanced education can earn significantly higher salaries than those without this degree.

The cost of obtaining your Master in Nursing depends on the institution you decide to attend. You can call the institutions you are interested in and ask how much the program in question will cost you. You can search online for government scholarships to help you cover your expenses.

Nurses with Master’s degrees have many job opportunities. It allows professionals to practice numerous areas of expertise. Geriatric nursing and midwifery nursing are common specialties for nurses. Nurses can also hold leadership, education, and business positions. Practicing as a general nurse or a mental health nurse are both great goals and excellent career options.…


The world today has largely ameliorated from the rather narrow-minded society back then in which many preconceived notions and stereotypes have been debunked and topics our seniors tend to shy away from have also been publicly discussed hence normalised. One attribute distinguishing the youngsters from the elderly in which I am most proud of myself as part of the younger generation, would be our level of acceptance for a plethora of subject matters. As one born amidst the era of modern civilization, here are multiple things my future children will learn whilst growing up. 

Any Sexual Orientation Is Bound To Be Accepted

Despite the majority’s heterosexuality, there are no rules governing what sexuality one should hold though being born a specific gender. To put this into perspective, one might be born a female but possess little to no sexual desire for her opposite sex. My future children will not fail to learn that their biological sex is not the sole dictation of their uttermost genuine feelings. Rather than perceiving it as a peculiar feeling to be fond of someone with a similar gender, they are encouraged to pursue what their heart and minds desire, even if it means to utilise sex toys for self-pleasure. Here is how you can 得到性玩具.

Mental Health Is Just As Significant 

My future children will also learn that their mental health is another paramount aspect of their lives apart from their physical wellbeing. Mental health was highly disregarded back then being claimed by the public as “not a real problem” and that patients should “suck it up and move on”. That is fairly misleading. Rather than having them suppress their thoughts and expressions, I will strive to nurture a safe place where they feel adequately comfortable to utter their deepest feelings. 

Academic Achievement Does Not Amount To Self-Worth

Many students weigh their personal worth based on their academic achievement where oftentimes their parents are to be blamed for. Many parents today prioritise their children’s education more than their wellbeing. Though education is very much significant, it never surpasses students’ mental and physical wellbeing. The more they are pressured into doing things, the more they will experience withdrawal. My future children will be provided a platform where they hold their very autonomy to explore all goodness the world holds, and eventually pick the path they are most fond of. Additionally, they will also learn that every failure they face in their education path does not indicate who they truly are as a person. One may be struggling in their academics, but that does not make them any less worthy. 

Bottom Line

Here are merely a few things my future children will never fail to acquire on their journey growing up.…