November 25, 2019


Industrial Hand Cleaner with Lotion

Industrial Hand Cleaner with Lotion is the perfect hand cleaner with high quality of purnice which can effectively remove motor oil, grease, paint, tar, grime, soil, resin, printer’s ink, shellac, adhesive, epoxy and other complex chemical from skin. Moreover its high contain of lotion, vitamin E and pH neutral, will moisturize, protect and keep your hand silky soft.


1.For the tough paint, apply appropriate amount of KLEENSO Industrial Hand Cleaner With Lotion on your palm, then remove the tough stain with a dry cloth and rinse thoroughly.2.Apply appropriate amount of KLEENSO Industrial Hand Cleaner With Lotion on you palm, rub well till absolve of all grime and rinse thoroughly.
Safety Precautions

If accidently swallow, drinks lot of water and seek medical attention.Keep out of reach of children.

Customer Care Line : +603-6272 6545

Concentrated Floor Cleaner


Traditional Floor Cleaner :-
It cleans and resist dirts and grimes
Floor Cleaner with Conditioner :-
It gives a silky smooth surface to the floor

KLEENSO Concentrated Floor Cleaner with Silky Smooth Conditioner combine both factors


  • Clean and resist dirts and grimes
  • Fills up fine scratches and imperfection for an exceptionally mirror-smooth feel
  • Forms a glossy and protective coating on all floorings
  • Silky smooth (comfortable)
  • pH neutral, Non-toxic, environmental friendly
  • Anti-static, easy maintain
  • Non-sticky
  • Highly concentrated (only apply 1/2 capful)1 bottle can last more than 50 wash

Use 1/2 capful KLEENSO Floor Cleaner into 1/2 bucket of water (Approximately 8 litres) and mop without rinsing.

Customer Care Line : +603-6272 6545


In Partnership We Grow

In our expansion programme,
we are seeking for collaborative arrangement in the following

  • Strategic Alliances or Joint Ventures, including distribution arrangements.
  • Appointing of distributor and agent willing to carry “Kleenso” brand of product.
  • Act as distributor and agent for foreign companies in related products.
  • Looking for established company in similar line to produce and market product.

To be an innovative manufacturer, to market and promote the knowledge of healthy lifestyle in total cleaning solution product from home care, skin care, car care to industrial care.

To beautify and enhance humanity through healthy, quality, environmental friendly at affordable price.

Kleenso Resources Sdn Bhd is involve in manufacturing and marketing of total cleaning solution products.

We manufacture home care product under the brand name
of “ Kleenso ” with the vision of provide extreme care towards skin protection, environmental friendly and specialise cleaning solution.

Kleenso offers the following products :

  • Silky Smooth Concentrated Floor Cleaner
  • Hand Care Dish Wash
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Industrial Hand Cleaner with Lotion

Kleenso promote no harmful chemical, use safe ingredients, preservation and anti toxic reagent to produce and preserve our product quality. All Kleenso products are highly biodegradable and environmental friendly.

Our innovative research and development team and laboratories team are working closely and co-operately to
cater for consumer needs.

In Commercial & Industrial care, we are developing the following products to suit the industry needs:

Industrial Hand Cleaner with Lotion
Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Pest Control Floor Cleaner
Commercial Dish Wash
Food Industry Dish Wash
Commercial Laundry Detergent
Car Body and Engine Cleaner

We always keep our cost low to offer competitive price and money guaranteed products to the market.

Quality is our commitment, every production batch must go through stability test and quality control test.All our counterpart must share the same quality concept with us. To continuously upgrade the workforce, regular training is provided in order to increase quality productivity contribution.Always open to customers’ suggestions, comments and to meet the market needs.